Your websites host is the direct connection between the content your produce and the Internet community that you want to reach. That why deciding on hosting provider and plan is extremely important. If your website is professional and likely to generate a lot of traffic, it is smart to stay away from shared hosting. Then, the choice you need to make is dedicated server vs VPS. In this post, we will shortly describe the differences.

Technical Differences

Overall technical differences between a dedicated server and VPS are quite small, as a dedicated server can be sliced into several virtual private servers, capable of having their own OS. Often people pick a dedicated server and then make it into a VPS, because various software licenses can be cheaper for a VPS.


First, let’s consider the differences in speed between using a dedicated server vs VPS. A dedicated server is a machine that has no virtual layer that a VPS would have. This means, the information can pass through without any latency, which, in its turn, means faster response and loading times for your website.


Having a dedicated server means that instead of sharing one machine between several users, you will have access to all the resources on the server. This means more memory, more CPU power, storage space and other hardware-related attributes. Thinking about how big your website is going to be and much resources you are going to need is very important when considering a dedicated server vs VPS.


An area where VPS truly shines is scalability. Compared to a dedicated server, VPS is much easier to upscale when the need arises. It is so because with VPS you only use a part of available resources. When your website grows it easy to allocate more, without any expensive and time-consuming changes to the hardware that would have to be made with a dedicated server.


Another area where VPS is clearly superior is pricing. VPS hosting is often far cheaper than dedicated hosting. Multiple clients on the same server means that the cost for the full performance of the hardware is divided among all of them. A dedicated server can come to cost about three times a monthly price of a VPS. Considering all these factors, your decision on dedicated server vs VPS depends on what type of website you will be hosting.

Do you need the full power and resources of a dedicated server, or do you prefer a lighter, more easily manageable and more friendly-priced VPS? The choice is yours and we hope we helped you to make a decision.