Data Center Innovation

MulakiHost data centers and global network provide low latency, low cost, and high availability.

High performance

Our Platform provides fast and consistent performance across the range of computing, storage and application services. With powerful processing, access to the memory you need and high IOPS, your application will deliver consistent performance to your users. You enjoy the benefits of reduced latency and avoid noisy-neighbor problems.

MulakiHost has one of the largest and most advanced computer networks. Mulakihost backbone network has thousands of miles of fiber optic cable, uses advanced software-defined networking and has edge caching services to deliver fast, consisten and scalable performance

Redundancy & Security

Multiple points of presence across the globe provides strong redundancy. Your data is securely mirrored across storage devices in multiple locations. Get the peace of mind of knowing hosts are patched and data centers are maintained without the headaches of downtime. Our customers and regulators expect independent verification of security, privacy and compliance controls. Our datacenter undergoes several regular independent third party audits where an independent auditor has examined the controls present in our data centers, infrastructure and operations.