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Why MulakiHost?

Serverless, Just Code
VPS High Performance SSD Hosting

Each virtual server is hosted on a full SSD platform, thus ensuring the fastest I/O available on the market today.

High Performance
European Data Center

Our data center is designed to meet strict European laws and guidelines, ensuring that our hosting services meet high standards in terms of data privacy, power reliability, network redundancy, digital and physical security.

NVMe VPS Server

Focused on performance and redundancy. Our VPS Servers are amazing fast with native NVMe SSD for high performance. NVME is 5 times faster than regular SSD

DDos protections vps
DDoS Protection

Our network infrastructure and dedicated servers are protected against DDoS attacks by our custom built in-house DDoS protection supervised by our NOC team which mitigates any threat or network degradation instantly.

Cheap VPS Hosting

Our main goal is to provide a fast VPS service at affordable rates without any loss in quality for our customers.

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